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Here are 21 amazing ways to use blackboard paint to decorate in a kitchen!

Here are 21 amazing ways to use blackboard paint to decorate in a kitchen!
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Blackboard paint is a beautiful way to decorate the kitchen and is very affordable!

Blackboard gives a little rustic look, which also mixes well with modern or industrial decors!

Whether you decide to paint a wall with blackboard paint, a piece of furniture, or decorative accessories, the paint works so well that it's a real pleasure to use it.

You will have no trouble, no matter what project you choose.

Here are 21 great ways to decorate a kitchen with blackboard paint!

And while going through all these beautiful images ... Take the opportunity to notice all the small decorative details in these beautiful kitchens!

Get inspired! You will want to decorate at home!

Behind wooden shelves! It's charming!

Make an old fridge look young again!


A few cabinet doors, where you can leave love notes ... a menu, or a grocery list!

Inside a cabinet door! All the measurements you use most often!


Just a picture! It will pop out really well a stone or brick wall!

You can even paint a panel to make a menu, a magnetized one! YAY!


I JUST LOVE IT!!! A sliding door for the pantry! WOW!

You can find small pots at Micheals and at Omer de Serres!

Label your fine herbs and spices!

Don't have a backsplash? It's quit an extensive job to install one ... Here is a nice alternative!

Create a gorgeous menu panel using only recycled materials!


A little paint on recycled pots of interesting shapes and these will give a lot of charm to your kitchen. In addition, it's a practical decoration and EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!

At the edge of a lunch counter!! Perfect!

WOW! Create a vintage style set using Folgers Coffee plastic boxes! Spray paint and blackboard paint afterwards!


A general store decor!! Display your fruits and vegetables in front of a charming blackboard!

Recycle an old cabinet door to make a cabaret!


Enjoy the interior of the pantry doors to make paintings! A menu and a grocery list!


A terracotta pot becomes a practical decorative accessory for large kitchen utensils!

MAGNIFICENT!!! Nothing to add!

What a wall!


Even a counter!


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