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Here are 24 photos that show the lengths pet-owners will go to in order to protect their Christmas trees!

Here are 24 photos that show the lengths pet-owners will go to in order to protect their Christmas trees!
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When you have pets, especially cats or dogs, putting up your Christmas tree - and especially keeping it upright and ornate! - can be a daunting task.

Talk to those whose kitty made the tree fall on December 24th. Or those who buy only unbreakable Christmas balls ... hoping that their doggy will not eat them.

Do we need to give up on decorating a Christmas tree when we have pets? Should we write to Santa to explain the situation to him and beg him to leave us presents anyway, somewhere other than under the tree?

Some people have thought long and hard about this situation and have taken great measures to celebrate Christmas without wanting to strangle their faithful companions and without having to clean the "party zone" every day.

Maybe the following photos will inspire you with a new layout for your Christmas tree this year?

In any case, they may make you smile!

1. The caged Christmas tree

It is for his own good that this little tree is imprisoned! Thus, he will be able to remain alive throughout the entire holiday season!

source:Cole and Marmalade

2. The fir tree on the ceiling

Even if kitty tries to climb, she won't be able to reach this one!

source:Cole and Marmalade

3. The minimalist fir

Kitty (who does not look happy at all!) will not be able to damage him. Puppy, however, might feel the need to mark his territory...

credit jennthemermaid

4. The hanging holiday balls in the shape of a fir tree

An original and unreachable idea!

source: Pinterest

5. The tree that appears to pass through a video game portal

The question is then: who has a fox guarding their hen house?


6. Another type of fir tree cage

Even Santa Claus will not dare to enter it.

source imgur

7. The fir tree - vacuum

We know that few animals like to approach this device while it is running ...

source: coleandmarmalade

8. The Christmas cactus

If you go looking for trouble you'll find it!

source: heatherdiannecook

9. The slightly bare Chrsitmas tree

No branches to climb!

source: Bill & Vicki T

10. The tree is in the pen

A variation on the same themes


11. The fir tree under plastic wrap

An original method, which has the advantage of putting away the tree, as is, every year!

source: Pinterest

12. The fir tree guards

These famous vacuum cleaners that frighten so well!

source: graysonbc

13. The half-decorated fir

The art of compromise in all its splendor!

source: Pinterest

14. Furniture used as a barrier

We make do with what we have!


15. The tree on the wall

This one should definitely not fall ...

source: Pinterest

16. The camouflaged fir tree...

Just don't forget it's a tree, unless you're the cat ...

source:Julianne Ruth

17. The top perch

If kitty cannot climb up to there, the top of the fridge is a perfect place!


18. Suspended branches

The dog does not even seem to realize that this is a Christmas decoration.

source: Happy Paws Fitness Studio

19. The tree in a painting

source: mysweetrockingchair

20. Bags as a deterrent

Some animals do not like the sound of paper or plastic bags, so we can put some around the tree to deter them from approaching it.

source: beech_gurle

21. The Christmas chandelier

source: kniki

22. The downwards treetop

The tree hanging from the ceiling has become more trendy for the past few years, whether or not you have four-legged companions at home.

source: Cowybuga

23. Wall hanging

Another type of tree on the wall.

source:James Bridgeforth

24. The barrier can also be decorated

So, we tend to forget it.

source: thriving

Source: 2Tout2Rien · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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