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Here are 25 DIY projects to create using hand prints, fingerprints and even footprints!

Here are 25 DIY projects to create using hand prints, fingerprints and even footprints!
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Do you have young children, a daycare? Are you constantly looking for new ideas to have fun crafting DIY projects in order to diversify activities and creations?

You can create beautiful greeting cards, art work that can be framed and many others using simple materials and a very personalized tool: small feet, hands or even your dog's paws!

To inspire you, here are 25 original and interesting ideas! They're easy as pie and the results are amazing!

How to make wonderful memories with children growing up too fast!

Take a look here. You will find something fun for any occasion!

1. Motorized vehicles with footprints

A DIY that will appeal to fans of trucks and other such themes! You can then frame the works to decorate the child's room in a unique way.

source: Pinterest

2. A framework for each year

A beautiful way to follow the evolution of your child, while decorating a room. Each year, create a painting using his or her hand print and add the age of the child. Just lovely!

source: Mama.Papa.Bubba

3. A dish or tray with cute little feet

Instead of simply painting ceramics, attach a message of love to the bottom of baby's feet; an everlasting memory!

source: Mrs. Wigglebottom

4. A chart to learn the alphabet

With the children, think up an image starting with each letter of the alphabet and draw it with the imprint of their hands. This would be a great activity to do at daycare!

source: Mommy Minutes

5. A family of birds

A pretty frame made with family foot prints, a beautiful memory! By soaking your feet in the poster paint, you can make something really great!

source: Etsy

6. Holiday memories

You cannot bring the beach back with you, but you can create a souvenir!

source: 3 Monkeys Throwing Around Some paper

7. Handmade superheroes

Paper, paint and little hands are all you need to bring a bunch of superheroes to life!

source: Smart School House

8. Flowers with the family dog's paws!

The family dog can also participate in DIY projects!

source: Smart School House

9. Disney characters; awesome!

Once again, a little paint and imagination and that's it!

source: The Keeper of the Cheerios

10. The family forest

Involve everyone to create a beautiful mural that will represent every family member. Your hands and arms will make beautiful trees!

source: Creative Carmella

11. A pretty rabbit

A good idea for Easter!

source: Artsy Momma Blog

12. Penguins on an iceberg

A winter DIY owl!

source: Pinterest

13. A well decorated pot

Print the trace of your beautiful butterfly!

source: Snapguide

14. A fingerprint tree

In memory of an event, each guest can leave his or her thumbprint!

source: Wish Upon a Wedding

15. A personalized Christmas card

Grandparents would be very happy to receive a card like this!

source: Pinterest

16. A family setting

Everyone gets involved!

source: Creatively Living Blog

17. For a custom Halloween

A foot can make a pretty great ghost!


17. A nice keychain

Using molding putty or laminated paper, a great souvenir to take with you everywhere you go!

source: Gray House Harbor

18. A unique Christmas tree mat

Keep track of all your loved ones.

source: Pinterest

19. The cutest Valentine

Everyone will get a kick out of getting a card like this!

source: Jany Claire

20. For Mother's Day or grandma too

Another meaningful idea!

source: Tippy Toe Crafts

21. And for daddy ...

Very cool!

source: Pinterest

22. A decorative plate

Nice, in the lobby, to show your guests right away that family means a lot to you.

source: Craft Warehouse

23. An apron or plate

An adorable gift, made with love!

source: The Hollis Family

24. Friendly turtles

We should have thought of that!

source: Pattycake Artworks

25. The love of a child

On a cloth, a t-shirt or in a frame, here is a gift that will melt the heart of any parent!

source: Pinterest

Source: Kithcne Fun With My Three Sons · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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