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Here are 3 simple projects to add a little decor to your bathroom

Here are 3 simple projects to add a little decor to your bathroom
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With the arrival of summer, it's natural for us to want to refresh the decor of our homes.

And, if you did want to add a little decor to your bathroom, what would you think of pale yellow and ivory colors? A beautiful soft yellow and matte ivory.

If these accent colors are something that can be added t your bathroom, you will find that they can add a little light to a small room! Like a little ray of sunshine!

Your bathroom will look bigger.

Furthermore, these 3 decorating ideas will cost you almost nothing. A tin bucket with rope. A set of pots for toothbrushes, a flower vase and a pot for cotton swabs or for your toothpaste tube, and a little color to the inside of your pharmacy. But if you do happen to have a little money left over, get yourself some nice fluffy yellow towels and others in ivory tones and a shower curtain in the same colors.

As long as your accessories in the bathroom are pale yellow in color and ivory.

Look for the video tutorial at the bottom of this article.

Here are some great ideas for decorating the bathroom:

1) Glue some rope to a pewter bucket.

Start by gluing the rope to the top of the bucket with the hot glue gun. Glue the string all the way down the bucket to the bottom of the bucket, and continue all the way to under the bucket. Then use the bucket to store rolls of toilet paper or rolled hand towels. at

You can find this kind of tin bucket in department stores like Walmart mas well as a whole collection of tin accessories are available. You will find rough at Dollar stores or at hardware stores.

Source: video screenshotTheFamilyHandyman

2) A set of decorated Mason jars:

Spray paint using a spray bottle onto mason jars, pale yellow in color and ivory, but keeping with the matte. Not semi-gloss or glossy, matte, and use sandpaper to sand the leftovers in 3D.

Then add what is called a "Frog Insert", the grill (we found on, the size is universal) on the largest pot, to hold the toothbrushes. Use a pot to make a flower vase and a 3rd to add cotton swabs or whatever you want.

Source: video screenshotTheFamilyHandyman

3) And finally, add a little color in the bottom of your pharmacy:

Add color to the pharmacy to brighten it up! Remove everything you find in your pharmacy. Take the measurements of each compartment or each shelf to add some color to each shelf. Then use contact paper (self-adhesive film) to decorate the bottom of your pharmacy.

Choose paper that is dyed yellow, or ivory, if not, pale gray.

Source: video screenshotTheFamilyHandyman

To see all the details of these DIY deco ideas, watch this video:

Are you a fan of these 3 decorating ideas? Share them!

Source: TheFamilyHandyman · Photo Credit: TheFamilyHandyman

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