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Here are 4 easy to make blankets in less than a day

Here are 4 easy to make blankets in less than a day
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Autumn and winter, as soon as it starts to get a little cold, it's always so nice to curl up with a good book and cover up with a cozy throw blanket or watch a favorite TV show.  

And since not everyone knows how to crochet, knit or sew, we are sharing Nifty's video to teach you how to make 4 blanket styles. It's up to you to choose the model that will please you most! 

You can learn basic knitting, basic sewing, or none at all! Because 2 of these models are seamless! 

Here are 4 blankets that are easy to make in less than a day:

1) Learn how to make a seamless blanket: Simply fold the 4 sides of a piece of fabric 183 cm x 229 cm (72 "x 90"). Cut the 4 corners squarely. Next, stick a piece of masking tape every 5.08 cm (2 ") and cut the fabric between these small pieces of tape, then insert a roll of wool into each hole using a paper clip to make the seam edges hold. See all the fabrication details in the video. 

2) A fleece blanket: With two layers of fleece and a cloth lining, you can sew a heavy blanket. Simply add small Styrofoam beads between the vertical seams on the blanket. Then sew horizontal lines on the blanket. The maximum amount of Styrofoam beads that should be added to a heavy blanket is 5% to 20% of body weight. So, if you make this blanket for yourself, do not give it to a child. Make him his own heavy blanket. See all the fabrication details in the video. 

3) A blanket for baby: With 2 different fabric colors. 1 meter of each color, you can make a seamless baby blanket. Overlay the two squares of fabric and cut the 4 corners. Then place a meter on a rim and cut the fabric on the edge every 2.5 cm (1") Then fold each double strap and cut a small cut in the center.With a hook or a paper clip, insert two strips in the hole of two previous thongs Grab the following 2 thongs and insert them into the hole of the 2 previous thongs, and so on to make a chain of endless knots See all the fabrication details in the video. 

4) Have you always wanted to learn to knit, but the knitting needles seemed too intimidating? What if you could learn a technique on a table and using just your hands? See all the fabrication details in the video. 

See all the fabrication details in the following video: 

Source: Nifty

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Source: buzzfeednifty · Photo Credit: buzzfeednifty

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