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Here are 40 DIY projects to improve your home.

Here are 40 DIY projects to improve your home.
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40 creative DIY projects

I share with you today 40 creative DIY tips to simplify your life. Whether for decorating, painting stuff, storage for the garage, storing in the bathroom, organizing your kitchen: the following tips are original and will inspire you to simplify your life.

Some tips are more for decoration, others for saving time while cleaning and others for organization.

In short, take a look at the following list, you never know, maybe you'll get some use out of some of these tips?

Good reading.

Trick 1

Be original, use old doorknobs to hang towels.

Tip 2

A hinged painting is perfect for hiding the thermostat.

Tip 3

Use old drawers for creative, stylish shelves.

Tip 4

Use the front of an old laundry basket to paint a polka-dot wall.

Tip 5

Bottle racks make excellent towel rails. I love this idea!

Trick 6

A storage space for shoes is perfect for the pantry.

Tip 7

Use two hooks to hook your ironing board up behind the door.

Tip 8

A cheap CD tower turned on its side makes for an excellent bathroom organizer! What a good idea!

Trick 9

Magazine racks are great for storing canned goods.

Trick 10

Use a drinks dispenser if you are tired of looking at your ugly old tide bottle.

Trick 11

When painting a room, put some paint in a baby pot and keep it handy for quick touch ups.

Trick 12

Use an extra shower curtain rod for extra storage in the shower.

Tip 13

Hide your spare key in a medicine bottle with a piece of pine cone stuck to the end. Then, bury it, but don't forget where you bury it!

Trick 14

The dry erase marker on glass is an excellent alternative to ugly old whiteboards.

Tip 15

Use a shelf to store narrow objects in deep storage spaces. Storing items on a raised shelf allows you to see the bottom.

Trick 16

Attach eucalyptus to your shower head. You will get a lovely scent every time you use the shower. Eucalyptus is great for colds and congestion.

Trick 17

Install foam noodles in your garage. These can preserve your car doors from damage.

Trick 18

Plastic hangers provide excellent storage space for electrical cords.

Tip 19

Hide your router.

Trick 20

Ice cubes can remove carpet prints. Leave the ice cubes for a few minutes and then rub with a brush to raise the fibers of the carpet.

Tip 21

Tissue boxes can accommodate plastic bags.

Trick 22

Use an elastic band for keeping the door open for times when that is needed like when you are carrying in the groceries, for example.

Trick 23

Use a squeegee to remove animal hair from carpets.

Trick 24

Use film such asPress'N Sealinstead of putting tape everywhere!

Tip 25

A ball of aluminum foil is an excellent reusable drying sheet.

Trick 26

Use a rubber band for bare screws.

Trick 27

Use acrylic-latex caulking to prevent carpets from slipping.

Trick 28

Use thumbtacks to hook your boxes of bags.

Trick 29

Use Christmas lights if your closet is poorly lit.

Trick 30

Hang your jeans on the shower hooks to make them more easily accessible.

Trick 31

Keep water bottles and travel cups in a shoe rack.

Trick 32

Place magnetic tape under your cabinets to store your spice jars.

Trick 33

Use office organizers to store your sandals and flat shoes.

Trick 34

Use a simple hook behind your high chair to hang bibs.

Trick 35

Here is an original shelf.

Trick 36

This is a simple way to disinfect Lego. You could also wash them in the dishwasher.

Tip 37

Glue a magnet to the end of your hammer so you do not have to hold your nails in your mouth.

Trick 38

You can save money by using "Swiffer Socks".

Trick 39

Use nail polish to differentiate your keys.

Tip 40

Use moldings to store your high-heeled shoes.

Source: Buzz Feed · Photo Credit: Buzz Feed

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