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Here are 6 activities to do in the bath that your children absolutely have to try

Here are 6 activities to do in the bath that your children absolutely have to try
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These activities are perfect for keeping kids busy in winter. You were looking for something to entertain them with? Look no further than the bathroom! Having a few children all day in the house can be overwhelming! And it’s not the two hours they spend playing outside that will give you a break. Entertaining them can become difficult after a few weeks of cold temperatures.

But if you offer them activities they can play in the bathtub, it’s a safe bet that their eyes will light up!

If bath time has always been painful, that’s now about to change. This funny accessory in the house will transform into a playground, and you don’t necessarily have to even add water! Although, in the fall, it could become a miniature pool? There are also dozens of items around the house that you can use to entertain children for long periods of time. And today, we present you 6 activities to entertain them!

So… Dress the kids in swimsuits and let them have fun in the bathtub!

Here are 6 activities to do in the bath that your children absolutely have to try:

1) Cream in the bathtub:

The main item for this activity is already in the bathroom! We put on the swimsuit and go crazy! We’re taking out Dad’s shaving cream! It’s perfect for drawing and writing, so, perfect for learning to write the letters of the alphabet! Add shaving foam to small bowls, then food coloring to color and mix well. Once mixed, the food coloring will no longer stain. You can even add glitter.

Source: In Location of Preschool

2) Wash the mud:

It can be quite a task to wash your child in the bathtub when he or she is very dirty and fidgeting. But when it comes to playing in the mud and getting dirty, then they are happy! Make mud with cocoa powder, or instant pudding powder, and let the children play in the bathtub with plastic and farm animals.

Source: The Imagination Tree

3) Water pearls:

The water pearls are fantastic. Firstly, because once they are dipped in water, they become 100 times their size, then they are slippery and slimy, so playing in these beads becomes an incredible sensory activity!

Warning: This activity should not be done with kids who still enjoy putting everything in their mouths: use Tapioca pearls instead.

Source: Catching Up With Crystal

4) The perfect ball pool:

If your bath is huge, your kids will spend hours playing in the balls if you transfer them all to this tub. And why? Because it’s different! The bathtub is made to wash, not to play in the balls! Mom, Dad, you’re so great!

Source: A Thrifty Mom

5) Noah’s ark:

All families have too many stuffed animals! Use them to reproduce Noah’s Ark in the bath and use this opportunity to tell the kids this story. Then let them have fun.

Source: Teaching Mama

6) The galaxy: The party that illuminates in the dark (Party glow in the dark)

Once in the water the light sticks illuminate the entire bathroom! Children can imagine an intergalactic trip or a dance party! Add music to the bathroom for an even better party!

Source: Fun At Home With Kids

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