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Here are 7 great ideas to make your rented room more interesting

Here are 7 great ideas to make your rented room more interesting
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Living with roommates is not always easy.

Especially when you are an only child, or you have only one brother or sister. Living with strangers can affect our mood and it is important to arrange our room to be comfortable. Because we are likely to spend a lot of time there.

But here you will find other ideas to hide items you hate having stolen from you.

Need tricks to stop getting robber of your food?

You will find 2 great tips right here!

For the rest, they are ideas for the comfort of your room. And all these ideas are much more affordable than buying new.

Because an apartment, when you are young, is expensive! So enjoy these DIY ideas!

Here are 7 great ideas to make your rented room more interesting:

1) Transform a dresser that is a little too ordinary with black paint and baroque style wallpaper. Fashionable to no end! For next to nothing. And this piece of furniture will be the centerpiece of your room.

2) Find an old frame and a pillow to create a support for your laptop. Avoid overheating on your blankets or burning your thighs.

3) Turn a jar of Mayonnaise, using some white paint, into a bottle to hide your personal snacks in the fridge. Avoid getting them stolen this way.

4) Recycle some cardboard and plastic bottles to make an ottoman for next to nothing. You will be able to watch TV sitting comfortably in your room.

5) Hide your chewing gums in a flowerpot. Then cover them with a cut yogurt cup, and plant a fake flower in it! Perfect way to keep your roommates from stealing your chewing gum.

6) Turn a very large frame or mirror into a retractable table to save space in your room.

7) And finally, recycle empty Pringles Chips containers to store items you use regularly in the bathroom. Cotton swabs and makeup removing wipes.

See all the creative details in the following video:

Source: Facebook video5 minutes Craft

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Source: 5min.crafts · Photo Credit: 5min.crafts

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