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Here are 9 varieties of flowers that will survive summer heatwaves

Here are 9 varieties of flowers that will survive summer heatwaves
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With the week of heat wave we just had, we might be asking ourselves this question.

What flowers should be planted in our gardens that can survive the hot and humid summers we've experienced the past few years?

Did you know that some flowers are more resistant to high heat temperatures than others?

The Tip Hero site has made a list of 9 wonderful flowers to add to your garden to decorate from spring straight through to autumn. And we present them to you today so that you might adorn your garden with brilliant colors! Keep this article somewhere safe that you'll remember so you can consult over and over again and create very low-maintenance flowerbeds.

Caution!... You're bound to fall in love with these incredibly charming flowers!

Here are 9 kinds of flowers that will survive heatwaves:

1) Lantana (Lantana):

Lantana includes some 50 species of flowers. This flower grows better in heat, so it should not be planted where heat falls below 16 °C (60 °F). This flower can reach 30 to 60 cm in height, 1 to 2 feet high. You can get them in red, pink, orange, purple, white or cream. SERIOUS WARNING: their berries are toxic.

2) The Aster (aster):

The aster, strangely similar to a daisy, is a beautiful flower with a poetic name.Aster means the star.It can be found in more than 250 varieties and is perfectly adapted to the Quebec climate, which means that it copes very well under big heatwaves and sultriness. It has a yellow or mauve center and white, pink, red, purple, blue, or crimson petals, and it will beautify your garden until the fall.


3) Amaranth: (Amaranth):

Not only can this flower withstand very high temperatures, but it is also perfect for starting a flower garden. It is available in an impressive amount of vibrant colors: red, green, orange, purple and even gold! It can reach up to 1.83 meters (6 feet) tall!


4) The Coreopsis, Calliopsis: commonly know as Tickseed (Zagreb Threadleaf Tickseed):

This beautiful yellow flower grows best in a climate of high heat and humidity. It will add a beautiful touch to your garden and can be used to decorate any hanging basket.


5) Baby Pete, Lily of the Nile:

This pure and sweet blue flower will soften your garden's area where you plant it. It also blooms until fall.


6) The Callistemon: the famous bottle brushes. (Scarlet Bottlebrush):

This flower with strange petals really looks like a brush to wash the bottles with, hence its name. It is vibrant and very unique! It will steal the show in your garden!

7) Rudbeckia hirta (Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan):

This wonderful flower is a true representation of all that is summer! Its golden color reminds us of the hot sun and the heat of summer. This flower is known to attract butterflies.

8) Zinnia (Zinnia):

Look closely at this flower. The raised center, its velvety petals. It is so beautiful that it appears priceless, however, this is not the case, and, it will add just the right touch of sparkle you need in your garden. It attracts more butterflies.


9) The tagete or tagetes. (Marigold):

Such a poetic name in its English version:Marigold:Like a woman's name ...This wonderful flower exemplifies all that is summer! Its golden color reminds us of the rays of the hot sun on our skin and the warm, balmy summer air. Its petals are known to attract butterflies, while the seeds on stems and leaves attract birds that feed on them. If you are a nature lover, you will have a garden filled with beautiful flowers and all kinds of creatures.


Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Tip Hero

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