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Here is a great way to improve the look of your home with a small budget!

Here is a great way to improve the look of your home with a small budget!
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Everything is about the first steps when entering a house! And when you want to make a good impression, this aspect is not to be neglected.

Many old mansions have a staircase facing the front door. And it is not uncommon for these staircases to be in a pitiful state.

-The paint is damaged and blackened
-Varnished wood has lost its brightness
-The ramp needs a cleanup

But all these works are expensive and the stairs are so often used that the varnish on the wood does not last as long as you would like ... Have you ever thought of a carpet? The idea cooled you? Wait to see this transformation, at a small price!

The blog Design Sponge present us their incredible and low budget staircase transformation! And I have to admit, that for once, I'm really keen on the idea of adding carpet on the stairs! Because the result is magnificent!

1) The first step was to repaint everything in white! Do not hesitate to use painter's tape to avoid accidentally painting the varnished wood.

2) Already after a first coat of paint, the marks were much less apparent! Promising!

3) Then with a permanent marker, she colored a few staples in black so that we do not distinguish them once the project is finished!

4) She attaches a non-slip mat under the steps of the stairs to prevent the carpet from moving with time

5) Then she finally starts to staple the woven carpet!

6) Always following the steps

7) She then cuts the end to eliminate a thickness

8) And staple the beginning of the second carpet over the end of the cut carpet

Here is the end result, but wait to see the BEFORE / AFTER!

INCREDIBLE isn't it? See the other photo!

An incredible before/after!

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