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Here is the true meaning of the number 57 on Heinz bottles.

Here is the true meaning of the number 57 on Heinz bottles.
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Everyone knows Heinz ketchup, but most people ignore the truth behind the famous 57 figure that is displayed on the bottle.

Admittedly, the label of the bottle indicates that there would probably be 57 varieties of ketchup, but in reality, this is completely false.

Indeed, this is only a simple marketing campaign imagined by Henry J Heinz himself.

It was in 1896 and the man took the train.

It was then that Mr. Heinz saw a poster advertising many varieties of shoes rising to 21.

On seeing this, Mr. Heinz decided to take inspiration from it and post on his product that there was a range of different varieties of his famous ketchup.

But why did he choose the number 57?

It is that the 5 is his lucky number while the 7 was that of his wife.

Also, did you know that number 57 was of particular use?

When the ketchup does not want to get out of the bottle, instead of hitting desperately the bottom of the bottle, just press the area of the bottle where the number 57 is located.

It may sound like a joke, but it really works.

Source: Mirror · Photo Credit: iStock

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