Tips and Tricks : Here's how to easily improve your Wi-Fi signal at home!
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Here's how to easily improve your Wi-Fi signal at home!

An easy tip for a more reliable network!

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Did you know that your neighbor's Wi-Fi can hurt yours?

Here's how to fix this problem.

Wi-Fi signals are divided into different channels. Devices of different networks may use the same channel and interfere with the signals.

On Mac, hold down the Option key and click one Wi-Fi in the menu bar. Diagnose your wireless network. Go to Window, then select »Scan», skip the initialization help module. Click on "Detect Now". Your operating system will recommend which channels to use, write them down on paper. Download the AirPort Utility app on your iPhone and activate its Wi-Fi scanner in your phone's settings. With the application, scan your home or house and note the most used channels.

You can use Acrylic Wi-Fi on Windows or Wi-Fi Analyzer on Android.

Once you have scanned, please identify yourself in your router page. To access it, use your browser and type the IP address of your router (usual or or use the software supplied with your router.

Access the basic settings of your wireless network. Locate your network and change the channels for those you wrote earlier.

For 2.4 GHz standards, channels 1, 6 and 11 are the most recommended. Save and apply the changes.

You will have less interference from devices that are not yours!

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