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Here's how to grow tomato plants upside down!

Here's how to grow tomato plants upside down!
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Here's a fun new way to grow tomatoes in pots: upside down! This method is most suitable for certain varieties of tomatoes, such as cherry tomatoes and Roman tomatoes. 

This cultivation method has many advantages and some challenges. 

Here are 7 benefits of growing tomatoes upside down. 

1. This is a great method when you have limited space 

You can harvest tomatoes on a balcony or a small terrace if you do it upside down!

2. It doesn't require stakes

If you've ever grown tomatoes the conventional way, you know the challenge of staking. Skip this step with growing them upside down!

3. Attracts fewer diseases and pests

 Growing tomatoes upside down helps eliminate pests, such as cutworms, and diseases such as fungi. And healthy plants mean less work for you!

 4. It's easy to set up

 It's easy to set up a planter upside down and takes less time than the conventional method. Also, no need to dig!

5. There are fewer weeds 

Growing tomatoes the classic way almost always guarantees the presence of weeds. When growing tomato plants upside down, there is almost any exposed soil, so weeds can't get in there. 

6. It allows better air circulation 

This kind of upside-down planter allows good air circulation and is essential for healthy plants. Since the containers are suspended, the air circulate freely around the plant. Awesome! 

7. The Plants Can Be Relocated 

When the tomato plants are directly in the ground, this is where they will stay. If you use a planter upside down, you can move it to another location easily! It can even be brought indoors for the night in case of frost.


4 challenges you might encounter when growing tomatoes upside down 

1. Watering 

Watering can be a little challenge with this kind of growing. Containers dry out quickly or may be overwatered and can result in rotting. 

2. Materials Required 

Tomato planters can be heavy. You will need adequate suspension material.

3. Sun 

We know that tomatoes need a lot of sun to develop. If you don't have a sunny place, the plant will not be able to flourish. 

4. Wind 

An upside down planter can take a fairly strong turn and flap in the wind. Make sure to have enough protection.


Here's how to make your own "Upside Down Tomato Planter".

 1. Get a plastic buckets of about 20L/5 gallons. 

 2. Make a hole about 8 cm in diameter in the bottom part of the bucket.

3. Drill two holes about 5 cm from on each side of the bucket. (This will allow you to pass strings to hang the bucket). 

4. Place several layers of newspaper in the bottom.

5. Fill the bucket with a quality soil mixture halfway up. 

6. Take 16mm diameter nylon or hemp twine and cut two pieces about 12cm long. 

7. Pass the two ends through the two holes drilled previously, and tie them to make a support for the bucket.

8. Set the bucket to the side and slit the newspaper, through the hole in the bottom of the bucket. 

9. Carefully remove the tomato plant from its container and insert it into the bucket through the slit. (The newspaper allows the plant to settle without the soil overflowing).

10. When the plant is firmly in place, hang the bucket and finish filling it with soil. 


Will you try this fun method?

Source: Le Jardin de grand-mère · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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