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Here's the perfect tip to get rid of the fog in your windscreen!

Here's the perfect tip to get rid of the fog in your windscreen!
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There is nothing more annoying and dangerous than not being able to see the road because of the fog.

Winter is coming, and many motorists are struggling to remove fog and frost from their windscreen.

The website has however found a great tip to solve this problem! With a few items, you will be able to make sure your fogged windows won't be anymore!


- a stocking

a roll of adhesive paper

- cat litter


1. Take an old stocking

2. Put your roll of adhesive paper at the top of the stocking and roll the stocking to the end, to leave it open.

3. Fill the bottom with cat litter, up to the ankle.

4. Remove the paper roll from the stocking. Roll the opening inward so that it keeps the litter.

5. Put it in your car and see the fog disappear from your windscreen!

The reason this stuff works is that cat litter is known to absorb moisture. You can use any brand of litter or any type of garment that can hold it.

This tip not only removes fog on car windows, but you can also use it for windows in your home.

Did you try?

Watch the different steps of this tips in the video below:

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