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Here's why you should absolutely wash your bed sheets once a week!

Here's why you should absolutely wash your bed sheets once a week!
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Each day, we lost approximately 10 g of dead skin. So it's about a big teaspoon of dead skin ... and as we spend about 8 hours lying in a bed, we can say that at least a third of the 10 g of skin is in your bed ...

And who loves dead skin? Mites. It's like a buffet of Nutella and creamed sugar: delicious!

If you wash your sheets just once in a while, when you have time, there are so many dust mites in your bed that it's curious that you still have room to sleep!

Joking aside, that's the problem: we do not see dust mites, but there are on average more than 1.5 million per bed. They are so tiny that unless they fall on a large, sleepy colony, there is little chance of seeing them. They flee as soon as it is light. It is at night that they are active in eating your dead skin, and as they are well fed, they make many babies!

I put this picture, but it's absolutely necessary to watch the short video under microscope by the University of Ohio where we see the mites moving. There is no better proof that there is life on the mattress!

What can we do?

Mites can not be completely eliminated, they are part of nature, but their presence can be limited.

To make a good housekeeping, remove all the sheets and covers and wash them in very hot water.

Then sprinkle baking soda directly on the mattress, let it rest for 45 minutes and then vacuum everywhere, especially along the seams and in the folds where most mites hide.

Leave the bed unpacked during the day to dry the sheets and pillows. Dust mites like moisture and darkness ...

Open the window to circulate the air and lower the humidity in the room.

Source: Daily Mail · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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