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Here's why you should never put your mobile phone in a pocket or in your bra!

Here's why you should never put your mobile phone in a pocket or in your bra!
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I often say to my daughter that her mobile phone is a part of her body, as if it had been grafted to her hand so she always has it, always with her.

But she is not the only one that can not live without her phone: the iPhone and other devices that connect us to the world have become a key element in our lives.

However, there is one problem that should be solved before serious complications appear in a few years: these devices emit waves, even when we don't use them.You should stop keeping the mobile phone against your body, for example by sliding it under the bra or in a pocket.

Scientists have already warned about these waves and their effect on sperm: the evidence against these waves are increasing and they could reduce the fertility of men.

Studies are currently focusing on the risks that these repeated waves on women's skin could cause breast cancer! Cases are increasing and cell phones are responsible, but it is still too early to a cause and effect relationship.

It has also been shown that the waves and the blue light of the devices directly disturb the quality of sleep of those who fall asleep with the device in the hand. I repeat: the devices emit waves to stay connected even when you do not use them.

And if the effects of the waves on the body is still indeterminate, the effects are real!

We will not know for some years the consequence of this overexposure of waves on the human body, but the clues are enough to recommend moderation!

When you do not use your phone, do not sleep with it and never put it in your bra: leave it away from your body as often as possible.

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