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Here's why you should never use the blanket in the plane

Here's why you should never use the blanket in the plane
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This is not an urban legend!

Airline employees and travel experts have already talked about this on Reddit. Flight Attendant Sara Keagle even confirmed the information atHuffington Post.

Do you know these blankets given to passengers to make them more comfortable?

Wrapped in plastic, the blankets are left on the seats with pillows.

The planes are often cold and the covers are especially popular for night flights.

Well, next time, think twice before using the blanket.

They are reused!

"I worked as a flight attendant. These blankets and pillows? Yes, they are replaced in their packaging between two flights and then redistributed, " said mehow44 on Reddit.

The blankets would be changed only once in the day, in the morning.

Other practical tips were also revealed on Reddit.

An anonymous user suggests choosing a seat as far as possible from the walls to avoid sitting near a child.

Also on Reddit, mrmiguez revealed that the code "HR" means "human remains" and that means that they found a corpse (partly or wholly) on board.

Well! Now you know everything!

Source: Express · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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