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How much does 1 hour of television cost?

How much does 1 hour of television cost?
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Have you ever wondered how much electrical appliances in your house cost you? There are some that are used daily, it would perhaps be wise to know a little more about them...

In general, television is the device that works most often and the longest in a house ... See what it costs you!

First of all, the first plasma screens were very energy-consuming and it was not for nothing that they quickly left the market. Nowadays, we find mostly LED screens, which are much more economical in terms of energy.

For a plasma plasma screen (the first, between 2005-2007) of 45 inches, one hour a day costs about $10.25/year

For a LCD screen (the latest models) of 45 inches, one hour a day costs you approximately $2.54/year

The bigger the screen, the more energy it consumes. In addition, if you have recorders and other devices connected to your television, the power consumption will also be more important.

Think of turning everything off when you are not watching it.

Source: hydroquebec · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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