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How to ged rid of cellulite and tone your skin?

How to ged rid of cellulite and tone your skin?
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Cellulite is horrible for many women, including me. The orange skin is so disgraceful that we do everything to hide it.

Even if cellulite is a lifelong struggle - genetics, age, weight gain, etc. - this is not a reason to give up: there is a solution to make it disappear if we repeat this little homemade recipe regularly. And by "regular", I mean every day and even twice a day if you can.

This is to use a mixture of coffee grounds and salt in equal parts, and a few drops of olive oil to make a grainy paste.

Take this paste and rub the cellulite by making rotating motions.

Caffeine acts directly on the capsules and dissolve them: besides, all the anti-cellulite creams sold in pharmacy at high price are based on ... caffeine!

By doing massages with coffee grounds every day for 1 month, you will have results as shown in the photo!

So, don't give up: you can win this battle!

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Bright Side

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