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How to keep spiders away from home!

How to keep spiders away from home!
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Are you terrified of spiders?

It is a real problem. You may have so many that it becomes unbearable to walk in your home without walking trough their webs everywhere?

Here's a simple solution to chase them without killing them! They hate the smell of peppermint!


-A spray bottle
-Some water
- Peppermint Essential oil (You can find an effective one HERE)


1) Pour 8 to 10 drops of peppermint oil into a small bottle of water
2) Shake well and spray the mixture where they usually weave their webs
3) Also spray the edges of all windows and doors, small cracks, corners of walls and ceilings.
NOTE: If the rain comes and clean the mixture out, you will have to spray the peppermint again on your outside furniture

It is a simple, natural and effective method. The good thing is that you will not kill them.

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