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If you have one of these 15 items, it could be worth a fortune now!

If you have one of these 15 items, it could be worth a fortune now!
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Rush to the basement or the attic to look for one of the item listed! You could have a small fortune for it! 

1. A Pyrex Set 

This colorful 1948 Pyrex set can be sold for $150! You should ask your grandma if she still has one! 

reddit / swearingino

2. Newspaper featuring Apollo 11 

If your grandpa has still this historical newspapers it could be worth around $150 now! 

reddit / captaincook

3. Nintendo 64

This vintage console with the games is listed for $910! Do you still have yours in the basement?

reddit / bagheadblox

4. Vintage Pocket Watch

Tell your grandma that is old pocket watch could be worth $400! 

reddit / darkholo

5. 1950 Vogue Magazine 

The magazine Vogue Pattern volume from the 1950s has an estimated value of around $180. Because back then, most people sew their own clothes!

Imgur / imagnepeace4all

6. Vintage Guitars

If you are lucky enough to still have old instruments, they are worth a small fortune now. This Gibson Melody is worth $1,750! But has a much higher sentimental value!

Reddit / SoughCyrup

7. Beatles Postcard

A signed postcard can go for up to $500!

Reddit / cameronphan

8. Tube Radio

If your grandparents old tube radio is still in mint condition, they could sell it for around $200 now. 

Reddit / Juriaan_b_b

9. Vintage Gillette Razors 

You could get up to $150 per package if you still have these vintage Gillette razors at home! Do not shave with it! 

Reddit / nicole_ethereal

10. Vintage Barbie Dolls 

Collectors will pay $1,600 for 1960s Barbie dolls! You should call grandma and ask if she still has them! 

Reddit / junkremovalguy

11. Vintage Skateboards 

Skateboards are slowing making a comeback! Vintage one could sell for $400 now and be used as wall art! 

Reddit / cwc181

12. Vintage Cameras 

These really cold old foldable cameras have an estimated value of $800 each. 

Reddit / sunlit_cairn

13. Vintage Monopoly Game

Still have all the pieces of a vintage Monopoly game? Why not sell it for $500? 

Imgur/ pr0pane

14. Typewriter

Everyone has a laptop now, so you could get rid of your old typewriter for $700! 

Reddit / Nowhereman123

15. Vintage Military Clothes

Grandpa was in the army? His old military clothes could be worth over $900 now!

Reddit / TreasureTrolls

Do you have any of these items at home? 

Source: bright side · Photo Credit: bright side

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