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If you want to look more attractive, here are the 10 items you should have in your wardrobe!

If you want to look more attractive, here are the 10 items you should have in your wardrobe!
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The magazine Who What Wear conducted a small survey about what men found the most attractive in women's clothing.

Ranging from the classic little black dress up to the very chic and expensive tailor, you will be surprised to see the results.

The 10 items that men love are far from being very expensive!

You will be very happy to discover that what attracts men are not high range clothing. But many clothes that you probably already have in your wardrobe.

So ... Get them out!

A little black dress:

A black dress is a basic in a woman's wardrobe. It is ideal for any special occasion and is perfect for a casual evening. And it makes you irresistible.

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High heels:

All women should own at least a pair of high-heeled shoes. High heels are perfect for your silhouettes and they improve your posture in addition to creating the illusion that your legs are longer and thinner.

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Something red:

Red accentuates the sensuality of women. Scientists have proven that women who wear red, even if it is just a lipstick, are more attractive to men.

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Of the shoulder clothes

Nothing is more sensual in the eyes of men than naked shoulders. It's a very feminine and sexy way to show some skin without being outrageous.

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A tight-fitting dress:

The line is thin between sensuality and vulgarity. The idea is not to reveal everything. A tight black dress can be very chic and sexy when worn with a beautiful pair of shoes and the right accessories.

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A leather jacket:

This is certainly THE basic item to have in her wardrobe and it will never go out of fashion. This type of jacket is perfect for an aggressive-chic touch!

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Clothes with lace:

It is difficult to find a more romantic and more versatile garment than lace. Lace will bring out all the sweetness in a woman, flirty, or even sexy depending on the occasion.

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Bareback clothes:

Bareback have always been sexy! They do not go out of fashion. This is a a must-have in your wardrobe! Bareback tops and dresses are a simple way to show a little bit of skin without being too vulgar. And men love bareback.

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Jeans and a white top:

Sometimes the simplest things are the most attractive. Your favorite jeans and a white top will be irresistible. Remember that if you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful and people with feel it too!

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A track suit:

Most women do not feel sexy when they come out of the gym into their gym suits. But in reality, men find it super sexy. They love to see women in track suits, yoga pants ...

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BONUS: Everything is in the attitude

People see you according to how you see yourself. If you look confident and feel sexy. That's what people will see! And all eyes will turn on you!

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