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Is it dangerous to eat snow?

Is it dangerous to eat snow?
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If you live in a northern environment and your winters are snowy, your parents or grandparent have certainly scolded you for having tasted snow on the ground.

Ingesting snow makes many adults panic! And now that you are grown up yourselves, perhaps even a parent, you probably forbid children to do the same.

However, did you know that there is no reason to panic with this! According to science, consuming snow is less harmful to your health than you might think.

However, there are some prerequisites, according to Romanian scientists from Sapientia University, who say that it is safe to eat snow, provided it has just fallen and still "fresh"

“As a microbiologist, I asked myself whether the snow was not a danger. Considering the results obtained, I would not forbid children to eat it, but only when it has just fallen, for less than half a day,” explained the specialist from Sapientia University, Istvan Mathe.

According to him, when snow is in the mouth, only a few milliliters of water get into the body.

During their research, the specialists compared the amount of microorganisms in the snow over several days, by taking samples at the same place, in the central park of the city Miercurea-Ciuc, in Romania.

The results showed that right after snowfall, one milliliter of sleet contained between 5 and 20 bacteria. Two days later, they were already 65 in number. Within 4 days, they were already more than 100. Finally, after 6 days they were already 180.

Scientists link these changes to air pollution. According to them, on average, a cubic meter of air contains 105 bacteria and 45 mold spores that gradually settle on the ground.

So, children must be taught to take advantage of fresh snow and to refrain from consuming it afterwards!

It’s better to eat a little snow and enjoy the benefits of winter games outside!

Do you get a lot of snow where you live?

Source: Sputnik · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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