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It's finally official, research show that women drive better than men!

It's finally official, research show that women drive better than men!
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Women drivers have been the subject of sexist criticism and jokes for as long as they can drive. They are commonly blamed by claiming that they are responsible for many traffic accidents, and they are judged by their driving which is often described as erratic, too slow, etc.

Yet, and this is likely to surprise many, statistics unveiled in The Sun magazine show the complete opposite! So if you still believe that women are worst drivers, you should continue reading. As for you ladies, you will be happy by the content of this article!

The research was conducted by Confused, an insurance comparison site, and you might be surprised by the results. Based on a mixed sample, women outperform men behind the wheel as they would be much more reliable than the gentlemen.

However, women do not necessarily pass their driving test on the first try, and many wouldn't get their license on the first try. According to that same study, 31% of women fail their first driving test, compared to 24% of men.

On the other hand, when they do obtain their license, women are much more respectful of the driving rules and commit fewer traffic offenses. The study shows that only 1% of women were arrested while intoxicated, compared to 5% of men.

As for the crimes recorded in 2018 in England as well as in Wales, men are responsible for about 79%.

Being more careful on the road, women make fewer insurance claims than men. Men are also more likely to be “at fault” when making an insurance claim.

They are also showing themselves to be much more responsible while driving. Men are twice as likely to not put on their seat belts, run more red lights, and eat while driving! 

All of the above facts undeniably prove that women drive much better than men!

Do you agree with this research? 

Source: The Sun · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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