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Joe Biden Removes Button To Order Diet Coke From Oval Office.

Joe Biden Removes Button To Order Diet Coke From Oval Office.
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While Joe Biden took possession of the White House since January 20, the 46th President of the United States already started to clean it up. He removed a button that allowed you to order Diet Coke from the Oval Office, a legacy of previous president Donald Trump.

This news was reported by all medias online and quickly became viral on social media. New president Joe Biden has removed a button that was used to order a Diet Coke from the Oval Office. A button that had been installed by its predecessor who was a big fan of this type of soft drink.

It was political commentator Tom Newton Dunn who revealed this information on Twitter. In 2019, he interviewed Donald Trump in the Oval Office and discovered that a wooden box adorned with a red button allowed the president to order Diet Coke. Once he had pressed the button, a butler came in to serve him Diet Coke on a silver platter.

In recent photos of Joe Biden in the Oval Office, Tom Newton Dunn noticed that this button was no longer there.

Another funny fact, the New York Times revealed that Donald Trump could drink up to 12 Diet Coke per day! That is quite an impressive amount.

Do you like Coke? What is your favourite soft drink? 

Source: Le Sac De Chips · Photo Credit: Instagram

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