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Keep your kitchen organized with these original storage ideas.

Keep your kitchen organized with these original storage ideas.
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Everything for the kitchen

Each kitchen could use an makeover regarding its organization. In a disorganized kitchen, there is less space to get things done and a messy kitchen is also unappealing for guests and family members.

We offer the following storage space ideas to refresh your space and keep things you need nearby.

The unique containers bring charm to the decor of your kitchen while offering you convenient and presentable storage. Water jugs keep your utensils close at hand while giving your kitchen a "farmhouse" touch.

Oversized cookie jars are a fun way to keep small items like single-use coffee pods and tea bags.

Come see these original storage ideas.

 Idea 1

Use jugs of various sizes to store cooking utensils.

Idea 2

Hang a small rod under your cabinets to hang utensils and dish towels.

Idea 3

A wicker basket with two trays is the perfect place for butter, salt and pepper utensils and other items of this kind.

Idea 4

You can also hang your cooking utensils under the cabinet!

Idea 5

This arrangement is cute as heck and very practical!

Idea 6

Oversized cookie jars are convenient for storing coffee and tea.

Idea 7

What a good idea, don't you think? This saves space on the kitchen counter!

Idea 8

This idea is very practical to add space under the cabinets.

Idea 9

A tray like this is nice to look at while holding several utensils and objects for cooking.

Idea 10

This wall storage contains spices and other ingredients for cooking. It's awesome!

Idea 11

A wicker basket can hold so much! Add a small plant and forget its even a storage space!

Idea 12

We do not think about it often, but the idea of having a corner shelf is quite practical!

Idea 13

By hanging spices and other kitchen objects to the wall, you gain space on the counter tops.

Idea 14

This old vintage milk jug with mason jars is a convenient storage idea and easy on the eyes at the same time.

Idea 15

Why not use an old galvanized metal shelf? Oils have their own special place here!

Idea 16

It's sometimes as simple as utilizing up all the small spaces.

Idea 17

Old "vintage" wooden boxes are so beautiful in the kitchen!

Idea 18

This turntable becomes the storage of choice for snack foods and coffee.

Idea 19

Grouping the objects together means that less disorganization in the kitchen.

Idea 20

If you are lucky enough to know how to work with wood, you can sometimes innovate with a completely original storage space.

Idea 21

Storing fruits in a metal basket on the counter can encourage children to eat more, since they are in plain sight.

Ideas 22

Look at all the space you gain with this rather pretty storage space!

Idea 23

I love this little tray for soap, you?

Idea 24

We often see this little tablet in front of the window, it is the perfect place to put plants and other kitchen items.

Idea 25

This vintage style box contains your mail, pencils and papers.

Idea 26

Here is another very practical and easily accessible storage idea for children. The second picture shows you a variant of this arrangement.

Idea 27

Do you have old dishes that are no longer used for cooking? Why not use them to put away a cookbook and some cooking utensils?

Idea 28

Nice storage space, is it not? I just love it!

Idea 29
Sometimes, all it takes is creating a small storage space with plants to create a beautiful configuration.

Idea 30

I finish the list with this simple storage space that includes hand soap and sponges. These pictures prove that we can keep our kitchen organized in style!

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