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Learn how to do a soothing sock for pain relief

Learn how to do a soothing sock for pain relief
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When an earache strikes in the middle of the night and seeing a doctor is not possible, you must act fast in order to relieve your child from this most awful pain.

Here is a simple solution that will help your child get relief in less than 15 minutes, until you get to see your family doctor who will prescribe antibiotics which can be paired with this soothing sock for treating all the symptoms of your child's earache.

Taking antibiotics is often necessary to treat an earache. So, do not hesitate to make this appointment because this trick only works in relieving the pain temporarily and does not help combat the ear infection that is causing your child such horrible pain.

What you'll need:

- A long cotton sock

-Salt salt, or Epson salt

-Essential lavender oil if the child is over 3 years of age

-A saucepan

-A stove

How to:

1) Begin by filling the sock with salt and make a knot just above the heel of the sock

2) Put a saucepan on an oven burner and place the sock in the saucepan

3) Spin the sock a few times to make certain the salts inside are being heated at an even temperature

4) Remove the sock from the stove-top as soon as it feels warm-hot and is at a comfortable temperature

5) Add a few drops of essential oil directly to the sock if the child is over 3 years old. But the warm sock without the essential oil will also work well to relieve the pain

6) Place the warm sock on the ear to soothe and relieve pain

7) Warm up the sock as soon as it has cooled

8) This soothing sock is also very effective for relieving muscle pain, or menstrual cramp pain

9) For recent muscle pain, it is suggested to apply heat every 2 hours to relax the muscles and apply ice between these periods to reduce inflammation.

Tip Tricks & Crafts:

Do not wait until pains arise in the middle of the night. Stock up on some rock salt, or Epson salts, and make a soothing sock right now. If your child wakes up in the middle of the night in tears, you only have to warm it up in the saucepan to soothe and relieve the pain as quickly as possible while waiting to see the doctor for a medical prescription.

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