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Let this beautiful, entirely renovated ancestral home sweep you away.

Let this beautiful, entirely renovated ancestral home sweep you away.
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A charming residence

Do you like houses? Do you like discovering interiors that have been completely transformed?

This is the case for this ancestral home located in South Carolina. This magnificent residence has been transformed from floors to ceilings. The asking price for this house is $1 650 000 USD. I know, the price is terrible, but I decided to share the photos with you because this house is so exceptional!

I fell in love with it because of its decor, its choice of materials and the general atmosphere this house radiates.

House, design and architecture lovers, take the tour and let me know what you think of this residence.

Enjoy the tour


Isn't it said that the first impression a house gives off is most important? I could sit on the front balcony of this old home and watch people walking down the street all day long. I love the layout.

Living room

The living room is directly to the right of the entrance. I do not know about you, but this room makes me want to sit in one of the chairs and sit down for a few moments. The soft colors of this decor and the blue accents give the room a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Dining room

The dining room shares the open area of the ground floor with the living room and the kitchen. Isn't it just divine?


What a dream kitchen! The judicious choice of materials will ensure that this room will age well over time. Everything fits perfectly! The kitchen even has a walk-in pantry.

The kitchen, continued...

Because we love to admire great and exquisite kitchens, here are more photos of this room. Who wouldn't enjoy cooking in this kitchen?

4 bedrooms

Did you know that this residence had 3 bedrooms and a guest suite? What do you think of the master bedroom?

Adjoining bathroom

Classical and elegant are the words that come to mind.

Other bedroom

The second bedroom is just as beautiful as the master bedroom.

Adjoining bathroom
One of the greatest attributes of this residence is that every bedroom has its own private bathroom.
Other bedroom
How pretty is this? I know many girls who would love to have a bedroom such as this with their own private bathroom!
Guest suite
This house never ceases to amaze me! The decor of this guest suite is just as beautiful as the rest of this home.


Even the bathroom is superb!

Family room

This large living room serves as a family room. The room is in the old building that served as a garage. I just love it!

Guests, or even family members, can enjoy this very private terrace located between the two buildings.

You like?

I am curious to know what you think of this ancestral house which has been completely renovated. I must admit that I am completely spellbound by this house, you?

Source: 17 south drayton · Photo Credit: 17 southdrayton

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