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Most people do not really know how to use rubbing alcohol. 11 surprising ways to use rubbing alcohol.

Most people do not really know how to use rubbing alcohol. 11 surprising ways to use rubbing alcohol.
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Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used rubbing alcohol (Isopropanol) much more often than we do

Do you really know your rubbing alcohol?

I think not, with all the new products on the market, rubbing alcohol has lost its popularity.

But you will find in this article a several utilities to this product which is very inexpensive. We can find this product in all the pharmacies.

Because we should always all have a bottle of rubbing alcohol in our homes!

Here are 11 reasons why you should use rubbing alcohol for your health!

1) It calms the itching due to mosquito bites.
Apply a little alcohol on a cotton ball and tap the injured area for quick and effective relief!

2) It eliminates ticks!
The secret to get rid of ticks and make it quick! Sprinkle a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and tap around the tick. Once the area is well treated, use tweezers to kill the ugly tick!

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3) Get rid of fruit flies.
Spray rubbing alcohol wherever you see fruit flies, taking care to thoroughly ventilate the room and install a trap made of apple cider vinegar on the kitchen countertop. Spray the alcohol for 2 weeks. It is also necessary to remove the eggs ready to hatch.

4) Kill the bed bugs.
Did you find bed bugs in your bed? Pour ubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray all the contours, seams of the mattress, headboard and your bed. Repeat often to remove eggs. Make sure that the alcohol has dried and that the room is ventilated before sleeping on the bed. And take an appointment with an exterminator!


8) Treating oral herpes (wildfire)
Apply rubbing alcohol directly to the wound. It will dry the wound.

9) Always keep your contact lenses clean to avoid infections!
Serious infections can cause serious vision problems. Mix equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol. Wash the glasses of your glasses with this mixture and dry with a very very soft cloth for glasses without scratches.


10) Disinfect your hands.
Rather than buying Purell, mix 3 parts of alcohol using 1 part of Aloe Vera to disinfect your hands.

11) Make CHEAP magic bags to keep in the freezer!


-2 ziploc bags to prevent leakage
-250 ml (1 cup) water
-250 ml (1 cup) rubbing alcohol
-A little blue food coloring


1) Pour the liquids in a first ziploc bag, remove the air from the bag, close it
2) Insert the first bag in the 2nd bag, remove the air, close the second bag
3) Place it in the freezer
4) If you have pain in one arm, knees, or menstrual pain, the magic bag will replace the ice because it will stay soft thanks to rubbing alcohol!

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