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Tips and Tricks

People share genius tips, you can use them everyday!

People share genius tips, you can use them everyday!
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Here are 15 brilliant tips that will make you say: It's pure genius!

These 15 tips will help you do tasks you have to do regularly!

And you will find these tips so brilliant that you will be eager to put them into practice!

Perhaps you know some of them!

Like taking a picture from binoculars? You have already done it, but you were a little ashamed to admit it?

On the other hand, had you ever thought of setting up a system to indicate when the coffee was made? This is an easy tip to made, with only 2 Styrofoam cups!

1) Before drilling holes under a computer desk, for example, to attach a power bar, make a photocopy of the bottom of the power bar and use this photocopy to drill the furniture in the right places!

2) Do not waste chocolate spread! Add a ball of ice cream to the pot to collect all the remaining chocolate!

3) 3 self-adhesive hooks will allow you to use your tablet on the wall to watch a movie, while charging it

4) Attach 2 self-adhesive hooks to the sides of a garbage can to prevent the handbags from falling

5) With this system, you will always know when the coffee was made in the office! It's awesome!

6) This little guy is lazy because he uses a blower to propel himself on a longboard? Maybe he will impress you when he will work for the NASA in 20 years.

7) You will save a lot of space, rope and pegs by drying your clothes in this way. A method from Tokyo Drift!

8) If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid! Use binoculars to take a closer picture? Why not?

9) Is it always very long and quite a challenge to make and undo the Christmas tree every year? What if you pack it in plastic wrap? Why not?

10) Two hangers will make a great support for your tablet! Watching a movie has never been more comfortable.

11) He used an old Iphone and a second Facebook account to remotely supervise the little chicks by doing aLive. So he was able to follow the development of his little chicks.

12) Sticking a pebble on the lid of a pot of pills may be useful to you the day you find yourself locked out because you have forgotten your keys at the office or in the car!

13) Do you watch a movie on your laptop and it tends to overheat? Place it on a carton of eggs.

14) Can not find the right key? This is not a problem! Get a coin!

15) By fixing a Slinky on the stem that holds the bird feeder, the squirrels will never climb and reach the food. And the show will be hilarious!

Source: reddit · Photo Credit: Reddit

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