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Planning a corn roast this summer? Try this great technique to cook one ton at a time without heat!

Planning a corn roast this summer? Try this great technique to cook one ton at a time without heat!
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Summer would not be summer without a few meals of fresh corn on the cob! But what to do when a crowd invites themselves over for dinner? Above all, do not panic! And do not worry, you don't have to spend an entire day cooking all those ears!

Try the Donald Boling technique instead ...

Donald named his method "Redneck Cooler Corn". It's a great way to prepare a lot of corn for everyone while still being able to enjoy the whole day. It's awesome!

Don's family had a party in the garden. The barbecue was filled with food, but they were possibly looking at running out of food nonetheless!

To free-up some barbecue burners and thus cook more food for hungry guests, Don decided to cook the corn in an unique way which does not require an oven or grill!

Here is what you will need to try this method:

A regular plastic cooler

Corn cobs

3 sticks of butter


3 pots of boiling water

Steps to follow:

Start by husking your corncobs and breaking them in half.

Then, once all the "hairs" has been removed from the corn, place the halves in an ordinary plastic cooler.

screenshot - YouTube - Donald Boling

Don't forget to put a bit of room temperature water in the bottom of the cooler before putting in the halves of corn. Be sure to spread the corn so that it completely covers the bottom of the cooler.

Pour the boiling water over the corn.

screenshot - YouTube - Donald Boling

Then put the three sticks of butter on the corn, salt to taste.

screenshot - YouTube - Donald Boling

Close the lid of the cooler and go crack a beer. Wait 30 minutes and your corn will be cooked to perfection and moth-watering, without you having to sweat in front of the stove or barbecue!

Plus, it's a great way to make corn while camping!

To see Donald and his lovely assistant at work, watch this video:

Enjoy some delicious corn from our local producers and try to leave some for your friends!

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