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Here are some wonderful ideas to transform tin cans into real little creations

Here are some wonderful ideas to transform tin cans into real little creations
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We consume so many tins in a year that we could do all these projects in one year, in several colors and even different versions without doing twice the same projects! As long as you can throw all these tin cans into recycling, why not take advantage of them to tinker with them?

Use them as a material you will not need to buy! No expense! Make decorative accessories, practical accessories and even gift ideas! A little paint, some fabrics, old papers, beautiful prints, or beautiful scrapbooking papers, nice handles, and these cans will have a different look!

TIP: For all these ideas, use a can opener that cuts the inside of the box and not the outside, so you avoid cutting yourself.

Get an old board, and old tins of several different sizes, cover them with old papers with Mod Podge glue to make a super wall and practical decoration!

Create a super wall decoration with the pages of a worn book and Mod Podge glue!

Knitting Storage
Attach handles to a large box of coffee and paint it in mat gray! You have just created a practical decoration with the Shabby Chic look for your material of knitting or everything you want for .... hummm ... less than $10

Scrapbooking Storage

Cover the boxes with colored Casa or Duct Tape! And stick them together!

Strong glue and bottle paint to organize your DIY material! 

Suspension in cabinets
Ribbon Duct Tape with pattern and dual sided tape! It's almost too easy!

With new gallons of paint? No ..... why spend? Coffee boxes will do the trick !! Organize your workspace!

Get a tuna can to make a pincushion in no time! Glue the entire outline with a hot glue gun!

Pots for plants
Decorate the garden in full color!

Towel Rack

Collect coffee boxes and paste papers of your choice with Mod Podge glue to store the hand towels in the bathroom. Attach tin cans to a wall.

RIbbon organizer
Drill a tin can and place your rolls of fabric ribons. You will be able to unroll the ribbons when you need them.

Pencil holder
A bit of jute cloth, embroidered lace, a pearl, raw rope and a tissue flower ... Adorable is not it?

Storage of drawers

The tuna cans are perfect to store small items in the drawers of the office!

Screw tin cans onto a panel that you will attach to the wall. Make a DIY panels for the children in the playroom.

Brush holder

Soak the bottom of the tin cans in the paint to color them!

Cover with a nice paper a can or a box of coffee and paste a label slate style, to make decorative pots that will be useful in the kitchen!

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