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Recycle old kitchen cabinets for the following projects!

Recycle old kitchen cabinets for the following projects!
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Are you getting rid of your old cabinets?

Have you renovated your kitchen and are not sure what to do with your old kitchen cupboards? Reusing old furniture can often help you save time and money. The same is true for items such as kitchen cabinets.

Did you know that you could reuse your old kitchen cabinets and turn them into useful things such as: a shoe storage bench, a dart board, a wine rack and other such projects?

Here are 10 interesting projects to up-cycle your old kitchen cabinets! Who knows, you just might be inspired by the following pictures?

Project 1

Transform your old kitchen cabinets and make a storage bench for shoes that you can place near the front or back door. You can also place it in your bedroom to hold all your footwear! This transformation is quite simple to achieve.

Project 2

If you like playing darts, you can make a dart board and place it in your garage or playroom!

Project 3

Need a new place for your craft projects? You can turn old kitchen cabinets into a very large office; a perfect set-up for your work and projects! You only have to install one plank on the top!

Project 4

Why not create a central island with old kitchen cabinets? It will quickly become the preferred rest-stop for your kids when they come home from school: they can have a bite to eat and do their homework here!

Project 5

Transform an old kitchen cabinet into a "cocoon" bed for children with lots of storage space. I must admit that this project requires more time and you have to be comfortable with a saw, a hammer and wood cutting, but the result is well worth it!

Project 6

If you love wine and need more storage for your wine bottle collection, why not turn your old kitchen cabinets into a wine cabinet? This photo shows you a more rustic style but it's up to you to choose the style you will give to your furniture!

Project 7

Instead of throwing away your old kitchen cabinets, turn them into a mini kitchen for your child.

Project 8

Why not take advantage of this to create a storage space to conceal boots and shoes in your entrance? I love this idea!

Project 9

Does your man need more storage in his garage? Do not waste a fortune on storage for sale in big department stores! Install your old kitchen in the garage!

Project 10

Transform your old kitchen cabinets and install them in a hallway or a side table in your entrance! Your kitchen cabinets will be used to store knickknacks, including keys, mail, umbrellas and other important items that are often used and needed in a handy location!

So? Were you inspired to up-cycle your old kitchen cabinets?

Source: Home hacks · Photo Credit: Home hacks

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