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See how this beautiful cottage from 1915 is transformed!

See how this beautiful cottage from 1915 is transformed!
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This little cottage could not be any cuter!

Do you have a thing for houses with history?

Homes with a warm decor?

I think you may be surprised by these pictures taken of a cottage dating back to 1915 and its amazing transformations. Just to be clear, this house is over 100 years old!

Sometimes it's really worth giving these homes a second chance!

Take a look at this one!


A narrow entrance used to greet visitors, but now, after the renovations, it's quite charming with its antique furnishings and decorations and just look at this gorgeous woodwork.

The living room

The living room had great potential but was in desperate need of TLC! This room really needed interior decorating!

What do you think of the living room now that it's been renovated? The white and woodwork contrast is quite genius!

The fireplace area

This image shows the angle opposite the living room space; two armchairs facing each other and an angled rooftop create an overall striking appearance. I really like this equestrian look. It has an English Cottage feel to it.

Dining room

What do you think of this dining room? I like the touch of blue and chandelier, and you? How to ignore these deeply dark wooden beams which contrast with the white walls; you like?


The kitchen was adorned with green cabinets before the renovations. How do you feel about the kitchen now? What do you think about the cream colored cupboards? Admit it, this kitchen has a completely different feel to it now!

The kitchen is more contemporary but still has a ton of beautiful character. I must admit that I like this kitchen much more than the old one!

The library

The interior designer preserved the same library but was bold with the use of textures (like on the ceiling). What do you think of the end result? It was a really good call to leave the small decorative fireplace from that period.


The master bedroom is impressive with its gigantic bed and vast woodwork. This style fits in perfectly with the era the cottage was built in, wouldn't you say?

So? What do you think of this 1915 cottage interior? The designer was bold with the use of colors, textures and furniture. Please feel free to let us know what you thought of this visit.

Source: House beautiful · Photo Credit: House Beautiful

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