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See how to build a amazing water garden step by step

See how to build a amazing water garden step by step
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Many people dream of having a pools or ponds of water in their garden.

Yet, few people actually go ahead and put the minimal effort in to create one. And, it's quite a shame because it's crazy this simple concept can beautify the decor of a backyard!

And it is not even that difficult to create! Two kinds of canvases, a water pump and all your favorite plants and flowers!

So, when you see this, you'll want to build one too!

You you make yours with or without fish? And with or without a small wooden bridge?

Admit it, this makes you want to make one, does it not?

What you'll need:

-Geotextile fabric

-A polymeric waterproofing membrane

-Stones of all sizes

- Your choice of plants and flowers

-Driftwood (driftwood is wood bleached by the sun or water because left too long in nature)

-One electric pump that will be used to circulate the water so that it does not stagnate

-Water lilies

-Goldfish! Because they sleep in the frozen winter water! Eh yes! Even here in Quebec!

-Fish food

- (optional) solar lights

How to:

1) Begin by digging a hole with a depth of 65 cm in the center, with higher contours at 30 cm.


2) Then install the geotextile fabric over the sand


3) Then the polymer membrane on top and use stones to hold the cloths in place long enough to fill the water basin


4) Install the pump in a place where it will be easy to power, and where you can easily hide it with these stones, plants and flowers

5) Then fill your pond with water and add small stones to the bottom of the pond


6) Decorate the whole basin with stones, plants and flowers, for example: hyacinths, water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes), water lilies, Nymphea


7) Do not forget lighting so you can enjoy it at night too!


8) Once the water is ready to welcome the fish, add them gently into their new environment


9) The result is spectacular!


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