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She applies glitter on her wall and she gets a wall with a bright finish

She applies glitter on her wall and she gets a wall with a bright finish
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Here's a tip that will amaze you! Adding some glitter gives an object a hint of shine, but if you add a little more of it, it adds sparkle and if you add A LOT of glitter, the result gives a bold decoration. When Jenn Bayer, a professional makeup artist in Charleston, SC, decided to add a nice touch to her makeup studio, she decided to decorate a wall full of glitters and the result is brilliant!

Bayer first wanted to use a glitter wallpaper but it was really too sparse and the glitter sprays were too subtle. At the end, she decided to mix glitters with Mod Podge to create a paint that she could use to cover her entire wall.

The materials used by Bayer include:

-Glitters in two sizes for a varied texture

-Mod Podge

-Sponge brushes and a putty knife were used to apply the mixture

-Goo Gone for cleaning.

Bayer wanted the entire wall to be covered with glitter, so she mixed them with Mod Podge to get a thick consistency like concrete. A thin consistency gives a purer appearance.

A sponge brush is perfect for the mixture to be spread evenly. This thick consistency does not drip like paint does; it falls apart. Bayer notes that it is a "rather messy" process.

Here's the end result, it's magic isn't it?

Here is a video of the whole process:

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