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She cuts a photo of her parents! She makes a lovely gift for them!

She cuts a photo of her parents! She makes a lovely gift for them!
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Create a beautiful souvenir from a photo!

Offer a decorative candle with a lovely photo!

A picture of one of your relative? Like a newborn for example!

A gift for godfather, godmother, grandpa and grandma!

A gift for a small budget but that makes people happy!


This is a decorative candle. Do not light the candle.


-A candle
-A beautiful picture
-A printer
-White silk paper
-Standard printer paper
-Stick tape
-Waxed paper
-A hot air gun
(Micheals, Omer or any art shop, Internet)


1) Tape the tissue paper on the white printing paper.

2) Print the photo on the silk paper. Make sure your printer is in ''movie transfer, or photo transfer'' mode

3) Remove the white printing paper. You can keep the entire silk paper or cut out the image.

4) Apply the silk paper on the candle, and cover with the waxed paper.

5) Now with the hot air gun, heat the waxed paper. It will melt on the candle.

6) When the waxed paper begins to melt, you will see the image transferring, stop heating. Gently remove the waxed paper. If wax stains remain glued to the candle, spread them gently with your fingers. Be careful not to burn yourself.

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