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She dared to do something we all dream about and the result is beautiful!

She dared to do something we all dream about and the result is beautiful!
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How many times have you looked at your backsplash and said you would like to change it but you do not have the budget right now. You've already thought about painting it, but you thought it was impossible ...

Big mistake! The ceramic can be painted, you just need the right products!

It's even a great idea to modernise a kitchen for the cost of some paint materials!

Basically, you should start by washing the ceramic with a degreaser, then isolate the backsplash with masking tape.

The first layer is a product specially designed to better adhere the paint. She used the Fusion Ultra-Grip. Here is the link of the product if you want to find an equivalent in store if you prefer to buy it from the hardware store.

Apply a thin, uniform layer over the entire backsplash.

She then applied 1 coat of white paint Fusion Mineral Paint Lamp white.

And she ended up with a transparent topcoat that we can found at the hardware store and which acts as a sealant to protect the paint.

And see the result!

What a transformation! The yellow beige ceramics are so much more beautiful in bright white!

The room looks lighter, and bigger!

So, the next time you look at your backsplash and ask what you can do with it, go to the hardware store and buy a few paint pots and a brush and see how it can change everything!

Source: The Wood Spa · Photo Credit: The Wood Spa

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