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Instead of throwing her pierced pantyhoses, she recovers them intelligently.

Instead of throwing her pierced pantyhoses, she recovers them intelligently.
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You often wear pantyhose?

Obviously, like everyone else you end up piercing them and throwing them to the garbage!

Well, after reading this article, you may change your habits!

And you too will get this pantyhose to use it otherwise one last time before throwing them in the garbage, once for good!

You will see that this fiber is much more used than you think!

And you can use it all over the house!


1) Pick up small objects under the furniture with a vacuum cleaner by covering the hose with a piece of nylon!


2) Make perfumes for smelly shoes! Add a few spoonfuls of baking soda into a cut pantyhose, then add a few drops of essential oil, before closing the ball with a knot or ribbon.

Source:One good thing

3) Nylon is a perfect material for polishing delicate surfaces! It is also super effective for dusting!

4) Make Halloween decorations with synthetic foam, plastic flies and spiders! Add the foam in the pantyhose, add the flies inside, then stick the spiders to the outside of the big cocoon!

Source:Martha Stewart

5) Make your own potpourris by adding lavender or herbs of your choice in the nylon stockings and knot before placing them in the drawers.

Source:Gluten free scd and veggie

6) Add an essential element to your Halloween costume! Without these pierced tights, your rebellious look would be nothing!

7) Keep the garlic onions longer by hanging them in pantyhose and make knots. The air circulates.

8) Use nylon to hold leaves in place when soaking eggs in the dye!

Source:Marblemount Homestead

9) Cut strips about 4 to 5 centimeters wide to make rubber bands for hair!

10) Garden with the children! Add Chia seeds to one side of a soil ball that you have formed in a pantyhose. Make a fun character with the pantyhose and ask the child to grow his plant to see the hair of his man growing!

Source:Consumer Crafts

11) Your new hairbrush will be much easier to maintain without hair and without foam or dirt if you cover the bottom with a piece of nylon. You just have to throw away the nylon piece to remove all residue!

Source: imgur · Photo Credit: imgur

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