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She gets a curtain rod and redecorates a room for less than $20!!

She gets a curtain rod and redecorates a room for less than $20!!
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Here are great ideas that people like you and I imagined and published on Internet!

Here are 12 ways to use curtain rods to hang something else than curtains.

12 beautiful ideas to decorate a room with beautiful rods, not spring rods, but beautiful decorative rods this time.

You'll see, it's different but inspiring!

And these are also very good ideas! Here are great ideas!

If you like to tinker you can also decorate a room on a budget!

Here are 12 awesome ideas!

Decorate the kitchen backsplash! Add jars of ingredients that you often use!

Perfect for a reading area in a child's room, in a playroom or in a family daycare!

At Christmas hang Christmas socks, the rest of the year, you can hang dried flowers in autumn for example, and seasonal decorations the rest of the year.

What a great idea !! If you do not have enough room for a rack and pinion !!

A decorative rod rather than a spring rod.

Decorate your laundry room with a towel pole, otherwise ... And yes! A beautiful curtain rod fixed to an old wooden board.

With chain, you will be able to hang several frames, like in famous Art galleries...

Perfect for your workshop !! Hang baskets and use "S" hooks to organize your accessories and tools!

A spring rod, baskets and shower curtains hooks, to store bath toys!

Like the idea of yesterday, but with decorative rods, it's even prettier!

What a good idea! A great idea for the café area at the office too!

Decorate the dining room in an original way!


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