Tips and Tricks : She got 5 bed sheets and what she does with them is awesome!
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She got 5 bed sheets and what she does with them is awesome!

Must think about it!

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Must think about it !.

And you will see that this lady just created a tip that many will want to reproduce.

This tip is affordable and very useful..


How many times have you looked for the curtains that perfectly match your decor? Often does not it?

Admit that you will have more chance to find the right color with bed sheets, as there are hundreds of colors available.

This tip is awesome.

This lady found a tip to realize affordable curtains and in a super practical way.

She made her curtains from flat white cotton bed sheets that she paid $5 each at Walmart.

They are cheap and there are several diferent colors.

The idea came to her when she needed curtains for her solarium. She did not want curtains too dark or with too much patterns. Then she thought of using flat white cotton bed sheets.

She bought five $5 white cotton bed sheets from Walmart. She washed, ironed and cut them in half lengthwise.

Then she cut the flat sheet hem every few centimeters. This makes it possible to put the curtain rod

And here is the result for the top of the curtains

And the result for the lower curtains

The result is absolutely wonderful, and for only $25

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