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She picks up ordinary concrete blocks and realizes something extraordinary for her family!

She picks up ordinary concrete blocks and realizes something extraordinary for her family!
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(11 projects! Ideas for everyone in the family!))

Here is 1 great idea to make with concrete blocks!

11 perfect ideas for a house, a child-care centre, a cottage, or even a camping caravan!

Indoor and outdoor ideas!

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A bench for the playroom!

A great idea for a child-care centre or a big playroom! There is even space to put shoes under the bench!

Steps for the rocky garden

It is not easy to make steps in a rocky sandy ground, but with concrete blocks, it's easier!

A low-priced home

Concrete is very resistant to heat! Your home will be solid for years!

("Storing wood near the fireplace")

Pinterest / CJ Martin

Since we use this trick, we no longer have to go get wood behind the trailer every 30 minutes

An ideal garden bench!


Install a bench on the lawn, children can wait for the bus sitting comfortably!

("Beautiful benches by the fire")


Nothing's easier! You will only have to buy cushions for garden chairs and beams to achieve these magnificent outdoor benches!

Decorate the garden with colors

Add some color to the garden by planting the flowers and plants in concrete blocks, painted in bright colors!

An audio-video closet


Do not spend for an audio-video closet in the basement. An industrial look will be perfect!

A cheap bedside table


Perfect for a student apartment when you're short on a budget! A cheap bedside table!

A well divided small garden

Facebook/Grant Cagann

Avoid the roots of your plants mix up with concrete blocks!

(A mini BBQ)

For just $3 you can make your own BBQ Grill

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