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She puts a wool ball into a dish filled with glue to create a beautiful decoration!

She puts a wool ball into a dish filled with glue to create a beautiful decoration!
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If you fancy a beautiful DIY project that gives really amazing results, you will be charmed by these home lampshades that look like coming out of a decorating magazine!

To make a lamp shade, it will cost you about 15 dollars, essentially the cost of wool. They are easy to make and as you choose wool according to your tastes and your decor, you will have a perfectly arranged lampshade instead of a banal trick bought in store.


  • Several balls of cotton wool or raw rope
  • White glue
  • Inflatable balloon
  • Felt pen


The goal is to soak the wool in a mixture of glue and water and then wrap the wool around the balloon.

Start by protecting the work surface and covering your clothes: it sticks and it smears!

In a bowl, pour half glue half water, in sufficient quantity to completely dip a wool ball. In today's example, the lady used 3 bottles of white glue and about 1 liter of water.

With the felt-tip pen, draw a large circle representing the opening of the lampshade and on the opposite side a smaller circle to let through the lightbulb. You will not put wool in these places.

Remove a length of wool from the glue and begin to wrap it on the balloon, crossing the thread, but still leaving space so the light will be visible.

Continue by adding lengths where necessary, until completely covering the balloon - with the exception of the openings I mentioned earlier!

When you have wrapped enough wool, pour the glue that remains on the balloon trying to cover all the wool. Once dry, the glue will solidify the shade.

Allow to dry for 2 days before unmolding.

Use a needle to deflate the balloon and gently remove it from the mold.

Now, you just have to insert the lighbulb and hang your lampshade!

Watch the video of this project, you'll love it!.

Source: Made Everyday · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran YouTube

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