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She ran out of space in her laundry room until she gets this awesome idea!

She ran out of space in her laundry room until she gets this awesome idea!
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The washing chore is so much easier with a bit of organization and storage. This chore is already quite depressing (it comes back too often !!), so let’s make this thing less painful!

By creating storage when there was none, by changing the layout of the electrical appliances and closets, adding a table or a handy shelf: in short, there are many solutions for storing and organizing the laundry room to make life easier.

For example this woman who needed space decided to build a storage on wheels all by herself.

She installed it between the washing machine and the dryer and store all her laundry products within easy reach. When she’s done, the storage is unnoticed!

There are other great ideas that might inspire you for your laundry room! For example...

A rod above the electronic appliances allows to hang empty hangers that will be within reach to hang shirts, jackets and any other clothes you want to let dry at room temperature.

By installing inclined grids above the electronic appliances, your baskets will be more accessible.

With a wall covered with blackboard paint and a few chalks, you can write what you should not forget to wash, dry, hang, remove the stain or your instructions for another member of the family. Add a storage with shelves to store your most used products.

An old ladder will give a nice style to the room and is also very handy to hang your clothes.

If your electronic appliances allow it, use the superposition to save a lot of space. This will allow you to add cupboards, shelves or a small table to fold the laundry.

Whether it’s made from a baby bed or by constructing yourself a clothes rack, this storage that doesn’t take space is an essential part of the laundry room!

A countertop is always useful in a laundry room. If you don’t have space to install one, think about one above your electronic appliances, they will seem built-in.

No space for a countertop? A nice large and solid tablet will allow you to store and decorate at the same time!

Source: Faith Tap · Photo Credit: Faith Tap

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