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She removes the label from a pot of chewing gums! Why? Never again will you throw these pots!

She removes the label from a pot of chewing gums! Why? Never again will you throw these pots!
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10 SUPER tricks

Never again will you throw these small plastic containers! They will be useful and you will also avoid buying small plastic containers for all the needs you will see in this gallery.

Even if I love to DIY, I never had these ideas! And I have one of these in my purse! I just have to choose one idea now!

For snacks

Pinterest / Collette Grace

Children will find it fun to eat snacks in these boxes!

For the mini leftovers

Pinterest / Ashley B.

Need to store a few slices of lime and lemon in the fridge? Also, do not let the slices of green lemons lying on the counter, they dry quickly, leave them in this pot waiting to make your next drink!

For your accessories

Pinterest / Karen Ross ART

Impossible to break your headphones and charger thread in your purse in a rigid box! It's perfect!


Keep your matches dry by going camping or adventure! ONE MORE? Glue a piece of sandpaper (sand paper) to the lid with strong glue to light the matches!

At camping

Pinterest / Nicole Kathleen

Going on a weekend camping trip does not require a pot of sugar and coffee!

In the workshop

Store all small parts in your DIY workshop! Sequins, nuts or screws! They are perfect! Workshop DIY or scrapbooking, this stuff is great!

(In the bathroom)

Pinterest / Vicky Gratz

Store Bobby Pins, cotton buds, cleansing wipes and decorate your pots with decorative washi tape! Your bathroom will be super well organized!

In the car

You are used to keep the change in the ashtray, but now the ashtrays are optional in the cars! Here's a solution!

A DIY video

Do you like decorating with Washi Tape? Here is a project for you!

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