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She starts by painting a broken window shutter, then she hangs it in the bathroom for an incredible effect!

She starts by painting a broken window shutter, then she hangs it in the bathroom for an incredible effect!
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With the flea markets that have reopened and the garage sale growing in the neighborhood, you should be able to get old and worn shutters that will cost you almost nothing.

Jump on them: what you can do with window shutters all over the house is absolutely amazing!

Here are several examples, including that of the lady who laid her shutter on a wall in the bathroom ...

Bathroom storage

Louvered shutters are perfect for hanging storage baskets. Install the louvered shutter on the wall and add hooks, rods and baskets as far as space permits.

Towel holder

These shutters can be transformed into an old-fashioned towel holder by adding some retro hooks!


If you can get your hands on very long shutters, they would make gorgeous hanging doors!

Table runner

A beautiful old shutter placed in the middle of a large table will serve as an original table runner. The deco of your dining room will be transformed.


For indoors or outdoors, consider adding stylized legs to a large shutter and you will get a unique bench!


Install a louvered shutter on a console table to transform it into an exceptional piece of furniture!

Kitchen island

Add a special look to a homemade kitchen island using 2 louvered shutters for the sides.

Central panel

Install a louvered shutter on a central wall of the house: store mail, keys, grocery list and tasks, instructions to other family members, etc.

Wall decoration

By adding letters like in the photo, numbers to make it your address panel on the house or small retro decorative objects, your shutter will decorate a wall without costing you too much money.

Cover a wall

This idea is great: get enough blinds to cover an entire wall! The rustic effect is magnificent!


Do not bother looking for the perfect headboard: a few shutters will do the job!

Source: The Best DIY · Photo Credit: The Best DIY

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