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She sticks tape on her wall, she creates the decor she wanted ... for only $28!

She sticks tape on her wall, she creates the decor she wanted ... for only $28!
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To improve her kitchen's look, this woman used a option that saved her several hundred dollars.

Instead of installing ceramic or other coating material that is quite expensive on the wall of her kitchen, she decided ... to draw with paint!

The difficulty of this tip is in the painter's tape that is used to cut "bricks". The tape must be very, very thin: she cut her tape to 3/16 inch, but with her experience, she recommends a thinner tape, 1/8 inch.

It would ideally be necessary to cut the tape with a precision tool, such as a table saw, because the risks are very high with a knife as in the picture. But if you have a very sharp knife and good with your hands like her, it will be easy!

Then it's very easy!

Paint a darker one-tone or two-coat than your top coat. This color will be the "ceramic thin cement mix". As you can see, she made a mistake in thinking that cutting with the paint was necessary, which is unnecessary long and complicated, she realized it afterwards. So do not take it into account: paint the entire wall with the darkest color.

With the painter's tape, draw square tiles or rectangular bricks. Use a cardboard to glued the tape straight.

Paint your finishing coat lighter over the entire wall, even over the ribbon, and let the wall dry completely.

Remove the tape: your new "ceramic" is beautiful!

And you just need a bit of 2-tone paint and painter's tape. Less expensive than a ceramic tile, isn' t it?

Source: Two Feet First · Photo Credit: Two Feet First

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