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She uses clay pots to cook her cupcakes!

She uses clay pots to cook her cupcakes!
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Would you have thought of using clay pots for cooking? Not me! But I will certainly try this very soon because this idea is adorable.

The idea of this blogger using small terra cotta pots is that once glazed and decorated, the cakes look like vegetables!

And it's very, very easy to do!

Ingredients and materials

  • Small clay pots (important if you want to cook your cupcakes in the pots, otherwise you can take plastic pots.)
  • Preparation for cupcakes: prepare your favorite recipe for cupcakes or use a preparation bought in store
  • Nutella or other icing
  • Breadcrumbs Oreo
  • Starburst candies of all colors
  • Fresh mint


Cook your cupcakes according to your usual method or bake them directly in clay pots using liners. If you cook them in muffin tins, you will put the cakes in the pots after cooking.

Add a layer of Nutella or your favorite frosting.

Soak the cake in the breadcrumbs Oreo: it is the breadcrumbs that gives the effect of soil, so cover each pot well to make a small mountain.

Now that you have your "soil", it's time to do small vegetables with Starburst candies: small orange carrots, red strawberries, green cucumbers, purple beets ...

You can impress you friends, and see which vegetables are a real success!

For the final touch, add a mint leaf with a toothpick.

You can put more vegetables in each pot, but it's very nice with only one per pot!

Watch this video for all details.

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