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Slime recipe without glue or borax!

Slime recipe without glue or borax!
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Home Factory is a chain that offers several slime recipes of all kinds on YouTube.

And this time, they're offering a recipe that does not contain glue or borax, without contact lens solution and without detergent! Only cornstarch, hair conditioner and food coloring. And don't worry, once the food coloring is mixed in with the other ingredients, it will no longer stain.

And what's even more interesting about Home Factory's recipes is that you will not have to waste time doing tests because they've already tested all their recipes and made sure they've given you the right ingredients and the right quantities. And we are committed to providing you with the right information.

Do your children like slime? This recipe will appease you with regards to this activity so popular among children.

So get out the hair conditioner, food coloring and cornstarch!

What you'll need:

- Corn starch

-15 to 30 ml (1 to 2 tablespoons) hair conditioner

-Food coloring. The color of your choice. And do not worry, once the food coloring is mixed in with the other ingredients, it will no longer stain.

How to:

1) In a bowl, add the cornstarch

2) Then add 1 tablespoon (15 m) of hair conditioner and mix well.

3) If the mixture is still too powdery, add 15 ml (1 tablespoon) more hair conditioner

4) Mix again with a spoon until the ingredients are well mixed

5) Once the ingredients are well mixed, knead the dough with your fingers. At first the dough will be a bit sticky, but the more you knead it, the less sticky it will become. due to the oil that is naturally produced by your fingers

In the following video you will be able to see in detail each of the steps necessary to create this unique textured slime:

Source: Youtube videoHome Factory

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Source: Home Factory · Photo Credit: Home Factory

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