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Stack coins on your laptop and notice the immediate effect!

Stack coins on your laptop and notice the immediate effect!
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If you have a laptop, you have noticed that your device gets very hot sometimes. The first thing to do is to ventilate it: if it is on your knees or a blanket in the bed, it lacks air! Place it on a flat, ventialted surface, and close it as it cools.

But if you have to quickly lower the temperature of your computer, here is the great tip to know:stacks pennies between the keyboard and the screen, like in this pitcture.

Caution: use only copper coins manufactured before 1996 in Canada. From 1997 to 2012, 1 cent coins were either steel or nickel. It is the copper that conducts the heat, so look at the date written on the coins.

It's a Japanese who launched this tip on Twitter, he noticed that the heat was concentrated between the screen and the keyboard. By stacking coins all along the keyboard, the temperature has returned to normal! His tip has been tested by many people who come to the same surprising conclusion: the copper of the coins attracts the heat of the computer and the temperature of the laptop decreases by the same occasion!

This is not a long-term solution: If your laptop overheats often, it has a problem! But for all these times when you're watching a movie or you have a big work to finish before shutting down the computer, think about this trick: it will make a difference!

Source: Regarde cette vidéo · Photo Credit: Regarde cette vidéo

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